Rent a Car for Lencois Maranhenses

Lencois Maranheneses is a national park in the Maranhao state of Brazil and is perhaps one of the most unique places in the world. For visitors in this area, Lencois Maranheneses car rental deals provide transportation to travelers wanting to drive to the unusual destinations. We make your visit to this place a really comfortable one.

Travelers can choose to use the 24/7 customer support to help find the vehicle they need, or use the easy and quick online booking to make a reservation. Likewise, car rental at Lencois Maranheneses deals offer services that include third party liability insurance, collision damage and vehicle theft waivers.

With Lencois Maranheneses car rental deals, visitors will have unlimited mileage and roadside assistance which is a good deal considering that only 4-wheel drive vehicles are allowed into the park. Book a rental car for Lencois Maranheneses with us now!

The Spectacularly Unique Parque Lencois Maranhenses

The park itself encompasses an area of 1000 square kilometers in size and consists of white sand dunes. There are no roads in the park, and other than going as part of a tour group visitors can hire a car at Lencois Maranheneses and make the trip themselves. The only access to the park is by 4-wheel drive across some rough terrain, but the sights that await the intrepid driver are well worth the effort. Although the area gets plenty of rain during the year, hardly anything grows in the sand, and the landscape is reminiscent of a scene from the driest desert. The sparkling white of the dunes is broken only by the clear turquoise blue of the lakes that form in the valleys from the rain.

By using Lencois Maranheneses car hire service visitors will be able to experience this breathtaking sight first hand. Travelers headed to Lencois Maranheneses can find lodging at Barreirinhas, which is the closest city to the park. From there, visitors can drive on the rented car to commute to the park.

Rent a car in Lencois Maranheneses today to get the best deals and enjoy your tour in the city.

Lencois Maranheneses